Questions & Answers

These are some questions that I'm regularly asked. also has a FAQ section. If you want a question posted, please email me it and I will post it with an answer.

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1. Why should I buy a new trolling motor from BREW CITY TMS?

I order all my motors directly from Minn Kota; you won't get a motor that was sitting on the self for a year. I will consider trade-ins or you can list your motor on my website. I can install the motor at your house. I will make sure it is wired and fused properly. I will go over the motor with you and answer any questions you may have. At a later date, if you have more questions, please call. My number one goal is customer service.

2. What gauge wiring and what size fuse is recommended for my motor?

3. What size fuse is recommended for my Humminbird locator?

A 3 Amp fuse is recommended

4. What maintenance is recommended for my Minn Kota?

Always take your prop off and check for line. Remove any line immediately, the line will damage the seals and water will eventually get into the lower unit. On Powerdrives, rub "Armor All" on the shaft so it will stow and deploy easier.

5. Can I leave my motor plugged in while the batteries are charging?

NO. Always unplug or switch the power off to your trolling motor before charging your trolling motor batteries. You could possibly damage the main control board in the trolling motor.

6. How far is the remote range?

The maximum safe operating range of the Co-Pilot, Talon, i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link remotes is 30 ft.

7. What battery does i-Pilot remote require?

One CR2450 coin-cell battery.

8. Is there an adaptor cable required to hook i-Pilot Link to my Humminbird locator?

Yes, a "AS EC QDE " cable